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Hello,my name is Bianca.I enjoy reading,cosmetics,and of course blogging.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Halos,Kisses,and Eternal Love

This guy is so amazing that i just felt compelled to blog about him.From the first time i layed eyes on him,i was in love.He's so sweet and perfect.Also he's quite amusing to be around.He's a lovely basson player with dazziling skills.On the photo you can't tell,but his eyes are a stunning green,and his hair is a vibrant shiny red.His every feature is perfect to me,and that's only part of why I'm so in love with him.I have a theory that he is an undercover angel straight from heaven.Every time i gaze into his eyes it's like seeing the sun for the very first time.He's such a beautiful person,but more importantly he has a truly beautiful soul.I'll always love you.