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Friday, June 4, 2010

Last day of school

My school recently got out for the summer and i was quite excited,yet i was going to miss my dear friends so much.On the last day we had a powerfuff  football game.Every went out into the field and watched the girls play tag football.Not everyone participated,but it was still really fun to watch.I didn't play because i had on a dress and flip flops,but i made a good fan in the are some pictures from the amazing day.Also i forgot to say the boys decided to be cheerleaders.
The guys really knew how to cheer!They got the crowd really pumped up it was amazing.I took about 123 pictures of the last day,but i didn't want to post them all.It was an truly amazing day.I'm really going to miss all those lovely people this summer,but then again that gives me a chance to start over fresh and anew.They'll be astonished by my personality change next year.I'm going to make it my goal not to swear;even sarcastically.I don't swear much but i do sometimes and i shouldn't so i'm going to stop.

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